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 Gmod TTT Server Rules

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PostSubject: Gmod TTT Server Rules   Gmod TTT Server Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 26, 2012 4:20 am

General Rules
1 - Do not scream RDM incorrectly.
2 - Do not RDM.
3 - Do not Mic Spam.
4 - Do not ignore Admin/Moderator questions.
5 - Do not excessively proppush/propkill.
6 - Do not claim areas.
7 - Do not advertise other servers.
8 - Play respectfully and with common sense.
9 - Ghosting will result in a perm ban - This is really the only perm ban'able offence.
10 - If you constantly talk, prevent people saying important game changing events, you may be kicked at worst.
11 - Respect all admins/players with the same respect you would like for yourself

Traitor Rules

1 - Never kill a Traitor Buddy.
2 - Announce any use of explosives before they detonate.
3 - Never give the identity of a traitor away!
4 - Do not mic spam to cover up traitorous sounds.

Innocent Rules
1 - Do not kill a person for being suspicious - only for traitorous acts!
2 - Do not give orders, e.g. 'Stay away from me'.
3 - Do not kill a Detective. End of.

Detective Rules
1 - You may give minor orders. Warn if ignored, then you may shoot once, twice, etc - It is up to you how you 'punish them'
Order E.G: - Get tested, Move away, Stop following me, Drop the prop.
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Gmod TTT Server Rules
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