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 Donor rules and information.

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Donor rules and information. Empty
PostSubject: Donor rules and information.   Donor rules and information. I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2012 8:42 am

Rules of donor and sponsor perks.
1) Only ever use 100 armor.
2) Only ever use armor on yourself.
3) Only ever use armor ONCE A ROUND.

4) Only use teleport to get to a nice high area or similar.
5) Only use teleport once to get up, and a second time to get down.
5.5) Teleport down reasonably close to where you are (such as that you could jump down to that location -ish)
6) Only ever use the "say !teleport" and not the "ulx teleport" so player do not get confused.
7) Never use a glitched area in which you can see a player and he cannot see you.
7.5) Never teleport and hide so a person cannot kill you.
9) Never teleport away from combat unless it is getting down from your 1st teleport position.
10) Do not tele and walk on a skybox, it is stupid and embarrasses the server.
11) Most important - be realistic, don't tele 1000m away, don't go on a building with almost no chance of being seen. Etc.

If reported, depending on how serious, your perks will be put on hold for a certain amount of time, never exceeding 1 week. Repeat offences will result in bans, and not your donation perks being revoked.
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Donor rules and information.
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