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 Ban Appeal Template

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Ban Appeal Template Empty
PostSubject: Ban Appeal Template   Ban Appeal Template I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 25, 2012 10:15 pm

Steam Name:
Name at time of ban:

Steam ID:

Time of ban?:
Date of ban:

Reason for ban?:

Your Story:
Feel free to type out as much as you possibly can about the incident.
Including anything from the attitude of the admin towards you, if you think you were being 'annoying' and any other players names that you were playing alongside - steam friend or not!

An Examp

Steam Name: WobMinerJames
Name at time of ban: Mr.Wibblez

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:29151231

Time of ban?: 13:01 UK time.
Date of ban: 25/10/2012
English dates only, please use DD/MM/YYYY

Reason for ban?:
I shot a detective as an innocent.

Your Story:
A detective was going around the map RDMing everyone.
He also RDMed a few people as an innocent before this!
The admin came on, I cannot remember his name.
He saw me and my friend Mr.Bickinz run after the detective after he RDMed 3 people and I shot him dead to stop any more RDMs happening.
At the end of the round the admin said to me:
'Mr.Wibblez, im banning you for RDM'ing a detective'
He sounded tired and dint give me time to explain.
He banned me for 1337.
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Ban Appeal Template
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